1. Community hospital medical staffs and individual departments (e.g. dept. Ob-gyn)

  2. Academic medical center medical staffs and individual departments

  3. Individual physicians

General situations where you need us for external review/credentialing:

  1. Review an issue concerning physician practice, performance, or professionalism for a hospital medical staff, department, or on request by an individual practitioner

  2. Resolve an already "settled" dispute between a physician and his/her department or hospital/medical center staff where there is fundamental disagreement over findings and recommended corrective actions

  3. Resolve disputes where there are internal conflicts of interest; politically considerations which preclude objective review; the institution lacks either expertise or interest in addressing the issue for review; or the peer review or credentialing process is dead-locked and wants external independent evaluation and recommendations

Examples of specific situations which come up

  1. Physician professionalism issues - e.g. the "disruptive" physician.

  2. Physician practice issues-e.g. was the standard of care met? Are physicians working beyond their privileges?

  3. Physician performance issues-e.g. the "aging" physician? Is the credentialing of the physician appropriate? Is restriction of physician medical staff or operating privileges appropriate or not?