Bruce Patsner

In a medical career spanning more than 40 years Bruce Patsner, M.D., J.D. has become recognized as a preeminent physician, surgeon, health law attorney and consultant on medical practice, performance, and professionalism issues for both physicians and hospital medical staffs. He is widely published in both Oncology and Obstetrics and Gynecology as well in health law.

Dr. Patsner is uniquely qualified to serve as an independent expert external peer review. He has extensive medical and legal experience at the community and urban private practice; full-time academic, federal, state, V.A. and Pharma levels, and has practiced in all over the United States. He is also widely published and recognized as an expert in medical malpractice and organization and regulation of the medical profession.

More importantly, unlike most physicians doing external peer review he has personally been involved in physician-hospital disputes over both professionalism and medical practices issues as well as appeared before state medical boards in disputes over these issues. As such, he has a unique understanding of the importance of accurate and fair External Peer Review, and the potential implications of such reporting.

He recently served for two years at the Head of Peer Review and Head of Quality and Patient Safety for one of the largest women's hospitals in North America before electing to establish External Peer Review Associates, LLC.

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Michèle Curtis, MD, MPH, JD, LLM is an Obstetrician-Gynecologist with over 25 years’ experience providing women with quality global health care.  She worked for 19 years at a large, inner city hospital in Houston, Texas, where the issues her patients and their families faced reflected the fundamental reality that medical care is a component of health care, not a synonym for it.  She has a Master’s in Public Health in Health Policy, and worked in US Senator Jeff Bingaman’s office as a Robert Woods Johnson Health Policy Fellow from 2002-2003.   She has served on advisory boards with the March of Dimes, the CDC, and the American College of Obstetricians-Gynecologists on policy issues related to women’s health, and reproductive health issues, and served as a grant reviewer for the NIH, evaluating proposals for community based participatory research endeavors.   She worked as a consultant with Physician for Human Rights (PHR) in Kenya and in Turkey on an interdisciplinary project focused on cross-sector training across the legal, medical and law enforcement professions.  She has served as an expert medical reviewer for the Texas Medical Board of Examiners for over 10 years, and reviews cases as part of a team to determine if the standard of care was met in each instance. Michèle attended the University of Houston Law School from 2014-2017, where she earned both her JD and her LLM in Health Law. In November 2017, she was admitted to the Texas Bar, and she currently works full time as in-house associate counsel for Texas Oncology, P.A.  She is also the author of a noted textbook on Office Gynecology as well as patient safety and quality of care materials for ACOG.



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